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Borderless Breath,

Between Commas


by Kay Yoon


Opening May 20, 12 - 20:00

till May 22



Gertrud-Grunow-Straße 4-6

80807 München



In the exhibition "Borderless Breath between Commas", artist Kay Yoon presents her new site-specific installation and sculpture that interrogates about materials being at a hybrid state between an objectified body and an organic artifact. Fascinated by the nature of paradoxical senses in perception and communication, the exhibited artworks utilize both linguistic manipulation and bodily consciousness to convey their physical properties. Playing with the architectural elements, she invites other living beings into the exhibition space.



design: @speedy.boarding

curation: @andrebagh


exhibition text by Peter Seeland


[...] Does the comma have a meaning of its own, like the word breath, or does it merely add meaning to the syntax? Where could such a sense lie? So the ping-pong ball stops in its tracks, defying all the natural laws we have come to trust and driving us into a vacuum of logic and meaning. The comma expresses itself through a pause for breath that marks the moment, which seems like an eternity in a world of fast signs, in an everyday life that requires the ping-pong game to be played in Olympic time. [...]


download full exhibition text:


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